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Chronicles of Etinerra - September post

A lot has happened in my campaign world since I last wrote about it in ... well hell, it's been almost a year!

I have three campaigns currently running in my world:

A 1st edition tabletop game that meets monthly on a SundayA 1st edition play-by-post game run on Rizzoma (a Google Wave clone)A 5th edition "campaign" being run at the local library

I've also ran campaign related games at conventions:

A wargame won by the Orcs & Goblins, resulting the Southron Duchy being threatened more (GaryCon)A wargame that was a draw between Orcs/Goblins and Humans, saving the city of Shallam, capital of the Duchy of Corridin (GaryCon)A wargame won by the Sea Elves as they successfully raided the Human/Elf city of Nyrana (Little Wars)A wargame won by the Humans as the Southron Duchy blunted a raid on their borders by Sea Elves (Little Wars)A tabletop RPG event that saw heroes investigate strange goings on at the old Perinian Depths in the Duchy of Elthest. The heroes were never he…

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